Make Every Minute Count with Time by Wagepoint — Request a demo!
The SERIOUSLY simple time &
attendance software for small
businesses with hourly employees.
The SERIOUSLY simple time & attendance software for small businesses with hourly employees.
The SERIOUSLY simple time & attendance software for small businesses with hourly employees.
Time by Wagepoint makes employee time and attendance tracking
as it should be — uncomplicated.
Psst!   You don’t have to be a Wagepoint user to access the magic of Time.

Life with

Time by Wagepoint

Software that your team will actually use and love.

Intuitive, simple, and ridiculously easy to learn, your team will actually want to use — and keep using — our app.

One source of truth.

Be on the same page as your hourly employees when it comes to who’s working on what, where, when, and for how long.

Only the essentials.

Rest easy knowing every feature we offer is just what you need — no unnecessary extras.

More time to spend on the meaningful stuff.

Streamline your time & attendance operations and use the time saved to get back to doing literally anything else!

Life with

Spreadsheet Pete

Handwritten timesheets, punch cards, and excel files.

How do we keep track?!

Missing hours and incorrect pay.

A recipe for frustrated employees.

Endless paid time off (PTO) email requests.

Enter: Anxiety.

Spending hours creating schedules.

Where did the day go?

Manual processes = the Hamburglar of time.

Productivity level: Zero.

First 14 days free. No credit card required.

Backed by the World’s
Friendliest Team. 

Think of us as your friend who just happens to know a lot about payroll. As small business champions, you can lean on us whenever you get stuck.

(or when you need a good dad joke.)

Time-saving features

All function, no frills

Built with small business owners and their workers in mind, Time by Wagepoint is a lean,
mean time & attendance machine.

Pay one price and get all of the features

0-5 users
6+ users
0-5 users
(flat fee)
6+ users
(per active user)
(flat fee)
(per active user)

Time Web Entry

Mobile App Entry



Paid Time Off (PTO)


Time by Wagepoint FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Nope! Time by Wagepoint is a standalone time & attendance software. A Wagepoint Payroll account is not required, but they do seamlessly integrate.

We're all about keeping things easy and flexible, kinda like those stretchy pants you wear on Thanksgiving. Our month-to-month billing and per-active user pricing adapts to your changing needs and gives you complete control over your budget — without being tied down by a long-term contract.

For 5 or less active Time users, you pay a flat rate of $20 per month. For 6+ active users, you pay $4 per user per month.

An active user is anyone that has recorded time within the current billing cycle. You won’t be charged for administrators or other team members who aren’t actually using Time.

Processing payroll can be a real pain, so we've made it as easy as possible for you to get your workers' hours into Wagepoint. We've set up a seamless integration between Time and Wagepoint Payroll, offering a connection for both 1.0 and 2.0!

Whether through chat, email or over the phone, you’ll have full access to the world’s friendliest team to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

No worries! Just send in your question to and someone from our team will reach out.