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Actually, we’re all about you. But, we thought you’d also want to know more about the people behind your payroll software.

A letter from our CEO.

Dear Future or Current Wagepoint Community Member,

More than once, I’ve been asked — “Why did you get into payroll?”

It’s a fair question because this problem has been solved before and in a few different ways. But, personally, I wanted to do things differently.

Wagepoint is built just for small businesses and the bookkeepers and accountants who serve them. That goes for everything from product features and pricing to how we define our customer model — in a way that ensures our customers feel like Wagepoint is a friend who just happens to know a lot about payroll.

Unlike some of our competitors, we aren’t tempted to go “upmarket” and serve medium or large businesses because that would inevitably lead to sacrificing the needs of the small business. And that would go against our core mission.

Small businesses represent some of the most passionate, hardworking people we’ve met. For these folks, this isn’t just a job, it’s about life itself. This is what makes it easy and natural for us to champion them.

The same is true for their bookkeeper and accountant partners. After all, most of them are small businesses too.

Even now, thousands of customers later, we still feel like a small community. We hope you decide to work with us and join the party!

Shrad Rao, CEO

P.S. How legit does my note-taking look in that pic? What I am actually doing is doodling a carrot farm with a rabbit farmer. Check it out!

Our story.

We have a history of doing things differently.
Paying people is a mechanical and essential part of running a business. The challenge is that most small business payroll software has simply been trimmed down from an x-large enterprise version to small or x-small with less than flattering or functional results.

At Wagepoint, we’ve turned this story around and given it a better ending by creating small business software cut from a different cloth. Instead of resizing existing designs, we’ve tailored a solution that’s built just for small businesses with the human factor woven deep into the fabric.

This is how we’ve become simple payroll software, created just for small businesses and backed by the world’s friendliest team. Now, we can all live happily ever after.

Our culture.

We work, play and succeed together.

Why do you like working here?

“Wagepoint isn’t just a place to work, it’s a family. Being in a place where you are appreciated for what you do and genuinely cared about as an individual is something most people don’t get to experience in the workplace these days. The people here are just beyond amazing.”

Heather Rudow, Finance Operations Manager

How would you describe Wagepoint?

Wagepoint is a company unlike any other! Their claim to fame of being the world’s friendliest payroll company isn’t just marketing speak, it’s embedded in the culture. I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Joel Xu, Growth Marketer & Quiz Master

What do you value most about our culture?

Being part of a team that makes you feel important and appreciated. I feel fortunate to work for a company that cares about me as a person. Everyone in this company is happy, friendly and committed to both our company’s success and customers’ satisfaction.

Letitia Apolzan, Assistant Controller

Shrad Rao

Chief Executive Officer
Shrad is our go-to-market maverick. His passion and commitment to our company is evident during many sleepless nights as he ponders our next move. Some say he might be Batman – well, it’s really only him saying that so we don’t actually believe him – or do we?

Jason Ning

Chief Financial Officer
What kind of person would willfully take on the role of CFO at a payroll company? The same kind of person who has read all of the Game of Thrones books but hasn’t watched the series. We’re a unique group and Jason is no exception — taking both a focused and human approach to managing our finances.

Leena Thampan

Chief Product Officer
Having led our customer service and marketing teams, Leena is uniquely suited in her role as CPO. Her vibrant and creative personality shines through in our product itself. When she’s not meticulously improving our software, she’s crafting culinary masterpieces from all over the world. The results of both are outstanding.

Alex Yohn

Chief Information Officer
Alex knows the secrets of the universe. Well, at least the universe of building efficient, scalable, back-end operations. When he isn’t using his mad skills for good, he ventures deep in the woods, desert or wherever there are no people. He is also our unofficial Chief Dad Joke Officer.

John Caccavaro

Chief Technology Officer
John is a creative, results driven technology leader with a passion and track record of helping organizations create industry disrupting software solutions. When he’s not writing software, you will find him on the golf course or in his high-tech golf studio trying to improve his very mediocre game. Unlike some of his collegues, John prefers good jokes over bad ones!

Denise Foglein

Chief Experience Officer
Denise is passionate about people! That’s why she’s excited about both the customer experience as well as the Wagepoint employee experience. She likes to make work as fun as it is effective and efficient. Outside of work she enjoys all things nature, living in the middle of the country where every day is a weekend nature retreat: walking through the forest, playing guitar and singing around the campfire, and star gazing at night.

Amanda Hoeg

Head of Operations
Amanda ensures payrolls are processed accurately, on-time and compliant with all laws! Phew… she has seen it all! When she isn’t busy making sure everybody gets paid, she’s likely hanging out with her dog, Porter, or out camping in the wilderness. But she’s not camping with Alex, cuz of his people thing.

Timur Manko

Head of Engineering
Have you ever moved from the Ukraine to Canada or helped design a small business payroll software platform from the ground up? Timur has. As Head of Engineering he now leads the way on our adventures through the payroll universe — with quick rest breaks at any interesting provinces and cafés along the way.

Nadine El Khoja

Risk Manager
Our own personal Dr. Who combatting any untoward or nefarious forces in the payroll galaxy, Nadine also enjoys binge watching legally syndicated entertainment items on a legitimate streaming service. We’re pretty sure she’s never even taken the tag off a mattress, but maybe she’s thought about it…

Nancy Wilman

Head of Canadian Customer Service
With more than a decade of industry experience, Nancy is a firm believer in doing things right the first time. Should anything go awry, she’s also an avid renovator. When not fixing and repairing on a daily basis, she’s dreaming of touring Italy, seeing the sites and partaking in plenty of scrumptious food.


Chief Happiness Officer
Our fearless mascot, Digit represents our efforts in helping you solve your payroll pain so you can get back to the human part of managing your people and your business. During his downtime, he follows a regimented workout schedule at the gym, in anticipation of the future when we might actually draw a girl robot.

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