Save time with online payroll.

When you took the plunge to start your small business or accounting firm, odds are that payroll admin wasn’t part of that dream. Wagepoint’s online payroll app turns that mountain of paperwork into a checked box on your to-do list.

As a small business owner, you’re used to rolling up your sleeves, DIY-ing new projects and wearing many hats (you’re kind of like a superhero!). But, while all that hard work makes you amazing at what you do, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a huge task off your plate and putting more time back in your day. That’s where online payroll comes in. Instead of spending hours manually entering payroll data, online payroll automates the most (mumble mumble) complicated payroll functions, so that you can get back to doing literally anything else.

So, how does it work? Online payroll – sometimes referred to as “cloud payroll” – lets you have full control of your business’ or clients’ payroll using a remote system of servers that’s easily accessed using an internet connection. It automates deductions, calculates taxes and generates important forms with just a click of a button. Imagine a life without calculators, spreadsheets, carpal tunnel from manually filling out year-end documents, or worries about paying your team on time.

Building blocks of small business payroll.

Things to keep in mind while you get started.

Pay everyone, fast.

With direct deposit, you can send money right to your team's bank accounts.

Automate calculations.

No more crunching numbers! Easily calculate incomes, deductions, etc.

Streamline tax compliance.

Stress less with automatic tax calculations and remittances.

Offer employees online access.

Paystubs, tax forms and direct deposit information is right at their fingertips.

Edit and submit year-end documents.

Electronically file your T4s and T4As with the government.

Focus on growing your business.

Spend your time on the things that matter (not filling out ROEs by hand!)

Never DIY again with online payroll.

Some things are just not meant for do-it-yourself (balloon animals, anyone?). Make payroll a breeze and life easier for you and your employees. Online payroll software like Wagepoint saves you time, money and plenty of headaches that come with manual processing.

Automate the tasks that keep you up at night.

With online payroll, small businesses don’t have to go it alone. Wagepoint’s friendly software simplifies complex payroll functions, from onboarding to ROEs and everything in between. Moving to the cloud also lets small businesses meet payroll reporting and tax form requirements. You’ll receive reminders about upcoming processing deadlines, missed payrolls, stat holidays and even birthdays and “work-aversaries” for your employees, keeping both your teams, and the government, happy.

Modernize your accounting or bookkeeping practice.

Online payroll can be a recurring revenue source that helps you scale and grow your business. Today, small businesses are looking for more than just payroll processing from their payroll professionals – they’re looking for cloud-based integrations like time & attendance tracking solutions, e-banking and accounting software. With Wagepoint, accountants can become essential and trusted advisors for their clients (and maybe even their favourite people?).

Keep your employees and contractors happy.

Your employees are the heart of your business, so their experience with payroll should be stress-free, simple and transparent. Cloud-based, online payroll makes it easy for your team to access their paystubs, view their tax forms and stay on top of their payroll data from their very own employee portals. Plus, with direct deposit, you can relax knowing that everyone was paid on time, straight to their bank account. Seriously, does anyone want to be paid by cheque, still?

Small business payroll magic with Wagepoint.

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